About Us

We are the trading arm of the British Wireless for the Blind Fund - a UK Registered Charity, and have been supplying specially adapted radios to blind and partially-sighted people for over 85 years.

The British Wireless for the Blind Fund was formed in 1928 for the sole purpose of providing adapted audio equipment to blind and partially sighted people throughout the UK We have enjoyed a close working relationship with our manufacturers over the years, most significantly Roberts Radio. This relationship ensures every element of the adapted radio being designed to enhance the end user’s experience. The radios supplied by the charity have moved with the times whilst still being practical, hard wearing and simple to use. The models we now have in place almost 90 years later continue to bridge that gap between the fast pace world of technology and the needs of the users. We continue to connect visually impaired people an outside world includes live news, sports, talking books and much more.

BWBF Direct started in 2006 by selling the adapted radios to a variety of people. It became apparent very early on, that although the radios were designed with visually impaired people in mind, they were also a piece of equipment suitable for people without a visual impairment and could enhance the life of someone with Alzheimer’s, arthritis, mobility issue or a stroke sufferer. 

BWBF Direct donates 100% of the Companies profits to The British Wireless for the Blind Fund. BWBF Direct is another source of income that allows the charity to continue the amazing work it has been doing since 1928.  

To date BWBF Direct has donated over £130,000 to The British Wireless for the Blind Fund. That equates to almost 1200 radios. In early summer 2014, BWBF Direct launched its new website.

Visit the BWBF Charity website