The Rand Review - Sonata Plus+ Internet Radio Player

My keyboard skills aren't too bad if I say so myself (I go back to the days of typewriters after all) but when I discovered the Sonata Plus+ Internet Radio Player I thought `This is for me!` Without the need to put in website addresses yourself or find websites it means you can listen to radio stations, podcasts or talking newspapers, check tomorrow's weather forecast or look up something on Wikipedia.  Items are searched for and selected from menu lists (which can be customised or added to) with just a few controls.  

If you've got a favourite radio station that isn't already available, with a quick call to the people who administer the service, British Wireless for the Blind Fund, it can be added to your list. If there is any news or information regarding the service, such as new content or temporary problems with a website, they will also send out a message automatically which you can hear when first turning on the device. There is a facility, rather akin to a favourites folder on your PC, where the Sonata remembers what you have been listening to most recently, even bookmarking a place in an online book.  

All in all I would say this is one time when something really is better than sliced bread, after all, the only thing you can do with bread is eat it, whereas with the Sonata Plus+ you can be (in the BBC's famous wording) informed, educated and entertained while enjoying your sandwiches.”

Written by Paul Rand, Sonata Plus+ user, Gloucester. Used by kind permission.

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